My new ceramic hip

7 days post hip replacement
7 days post hip replacement


7 days post hip replacement
7 days post hip replacement

Hello all – 7 days post hip replacement

I am 7 days post hip replacement. I cannot believe I have got here but I am here. It definitely feels (mentally and physically) much better this side of the surgery. Pre op for me was a huge ordeal and I nearly bottled it 2 days before the surgery thinking can I make my hip better, perhaps another 3 months of solid rehab will help! You know get the abs and gluteals working really well?? Stef Brennan my friend and physio said ‘no bud it won’t make any difference, just go for it, you’ll be fine’ or at least words to that effect. I knew he was right. He was only telling me what I knew. I was just scared.

Anyway Marcus Bankes my surgeon and his team at Guy’s hospital, london have done a really good job. He saw me after the operation and said the surgery went really well! (massive relief!). He said my hip was awful and needed replacing and the fact I was slim and young(ish) (41 not exactly young) made the operation more satisfying. This completely reassured my pre operation doubts of ,lets see if I can rehab for another 3 months and whether I had made the right decision!

Anyway today I woke up feeling brighter. I was still a bit slow getting out of bed but at least could move the leg better. I took my pain control and I did my exercises to improve hip flexion, abduction, extension, mini squats, heel raises, weight transference exercises, working top plank. I then walked down the road and felt as though one crutch was more appropriate than two. What is massively noticeable is my pain has gone. I no longer have that horrible, nagging pain on every stride. It was just a bit of operation pain and stiffness. Amazing. I tell Nic and he hears what I am saying and I think he is secretly pleased as he has seen how bad life and mobility has become for me.

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Mother, Physiotherapist, Traveller, Cyclist & Hip Replacement

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