Two weeks post hip replacement

Well, I am two weeks post hip replacement and all is pretty good. The last week has been steady physically and emotionally good (part from the odd cry). I can walk with one crutch for 10-15 minutes, get my leg in and out of bed, get out of a chair easily, in and out of the bath (a bit slow still but ok), stairs are good, getting in and out of the jacked up Land Cruiser Prado is also ok.

I have had a slight twinge in the buttock where the hamstrings attach to the pelvis and also in the groin for the past 2 days. This started at day 11 post operation. I can weight bear on the hip and leg but it does catch a little during walking. I am sure it is soft tissue tension and muscle imbalance and it is likely it will ease off. Just occasionally a bit disconcerting as you want everything to feel normal even at 2 weeks post op! Any click, twinge or pain does make you nervous.

My exercise session in Dulwich pool yesterday 3rd June was so good. I managed to extend and abduct the hip beyond the range I can achieve on dry land which is very satisfying. Nic my husband was also in the pool with our, fearless of water, 19 month old daughter Lily. Whilst I was doing my routine of exercises Lily is heaving herself out of the pool and jumping back in to daddy’s arms and dunking her head under the water. She continues to repeat this activity 10 x over! She just loves the water! Daddy is exhausted. Anyway, after the pool session, I feel much better, much more relaxed in the legs and hip. The catchy pain in the hip has definitely eased and I feel back on track again. I think the water based exercises are the place to be! I managed to walk for 20 minutes with one crutch the day after completely pain free and no twinges!

Being a mother to a toddler with a physically problem has been a challenge for both Nic and I. As cannot care for her normally yet, Nic has to do a lot more with her. I am not able to crouch or squat down and get on her level and I have to avoid picking her up, getting her in and out of the cot and carrying her. I cannot be left alone with her until about 6 weeks post operation so in the mean time I have drafted in as many of my family and friends as possible to help. It is quite a task for Nic to cope with me and our daughter, plus earn the money, and I am sure Lily has been more screaming and shouting more which I think is her way of getting our attention and communicating with us. No doubt she may detect something is wrong with mum especially having crutches and a grabber stick to pick things up off the floor and also great for chasing her around the house! However although physically I am not quite there yet, I have been able to spend more quality time with Lily doing certain tasks and reading more and I think this has made a difference as she does appear slightly more calm and content. I hope so.



Author: nickyturnerphysio

Mother, Physiotherapist, Traveller, Cyclist & Hip Replacement

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