Hip Rehabilitation – Week 3-4

Day 22 – I had a great physiotherapy/rehab session with Stef today. Really positive. My hip range is: flexion 90 degrees, abduction 45 degrees, extension 20 degrees, internal & external rotation combined 10 degrees and it is all coming on steadily. I do struggle a bit with the sitting and cannot sit for long periods before I get uncomfortable.

Day 23 – Took Lily to Wriggle and Rhyme in Tulse Hill with my helper Marion. I had to get into the back of her car which was ok but a little tricky. I have to have help here as chasing after Lily and bending down to pick her up is not possible yet.

Exercises – Hip flexion and abduction – leg swings abduction, extension, flexion – rolls downs against wall with lumbar spine flat against wall x 2 – plank x 3 – clams x 200 – hip extension x 30 prone –  walked 20 minutes with hip swings flex/abd/ext and heel raises.

Day 24 – Had a good walking day today and was able to move a lot more without my crutch. I have a slight limp but no pain. Amazing. The limp is reducing and I am still doing my 200 clams a day. Definitely getting stronger which is so encouraging.

My friend Ali came over today to help me with Lily which again really helped me especially when we go out to the park.

Exercises – Abdominal core exercises with hip flexion and abduction – hip flexion/abduction – clams x 20 – hip extension prone – plank x 3 25 secs – press ups on floor 2 sets x 15 – walking around Horniman museum up and down slopes.

Difficulty with hip flexion in standing supine and sitting. Does not feel comfortable yet through the hip and groin if I sit for any period. getting in and out of a peugeot is quite difficulty when swinging to let in.

Day 25 – Woke up and was able to feed my daughter this morning for the first time. Nic got her out of bed and into the high chair and went back to bed. I felt pretty normal this morning and much more able. Getting out of bed is so much easier and I was able to move around without a crutch. Such a joy!!

Claire Robertson picked me up and took me and Lily to her house. Claire helped me a lot especially with the crouching down activities and also said I was looking and moving really well which again is great and reinforces positiveness!

Exercises – full press up x 5 – able to use the cross trainer and maintained symmetry – clam x 200 (slightly more prone in positioning) – plank x 1 – triceps dips x 15 x 2 – walked for 20 minutes – ab core exercises with hip flexion and abduction – roll downs x 2 using core – bridge x 2 20 secs – stretched quads.

Walking and moving around is far more natural. I even had a little skip in my step. This is so good that I get really excited! Doing a full press up today and walking with more ease is sooo good!

Day 26 – Saturday morning. I spent the morning doing my exercises to loosen my hip. Hip flexion lying on my back is hard to do, I can only manage 90 degrees. I watch my gait pattern in the mirror with and without a crutch. My gait with one crutch is perfect but without is a different story. I still drop my right pelvis when weight bearing on the leg and i find it really hard to stabilise the hip. I know I need to be patient here as it has been long time walking badly (nearly 2 yeas) and not utilising my hip stabilisers whatsoever. I must get Nic to video my gait again.

I went to Dulwich pool to do my water based exercises. I also managed to swim with the kick float and a float between my legs. I will aim to swim 10 lengths next week as well as my exercises. I managed to walk around the shops in East Dulwich with one crutch for 30 mins.

I bathed Lily today and managed to get her in the bath and out but this was all done in kneeling to prevent flexion at the hip. Achievement!

Land exercises – consisted of hip flexion and abduction with core – bridge x 3 30 secs – clam x 200 – press ups 10 x 2 – triceps dips 10 x 2 – roll downs – leg swings flex/ext and abduction – walked x 2 20 mins – iced 20 mins x 1.

Day 27 – Father’s day! We took Lily swimming and I did a few exercises to loosen the hip in the water. Lily loves the water and spent the best part of it climbing out of the pool and jumping back in again! My friend Mozza (also a physio) gave me a few more tips today on how to strengthen the hip which was useful.

Land exercises – clams x 200 with hip extension – bridge x 3 30 secs – hip flexion and abduction with core – press ups x 10 x 3 – plank x 3 25 secs – kettle bell shoulder elevation in kneeling x 10 3 sets – walking x 1 around Dulwich park – heel strike toe off practice.

Functionally I am able to get around a lot more easily. Much more nimble on my feet. I can do more tasks around the house and can get on the floor with my leg in extension but I am loading my ‘good’ leg a lot more though. Sitting is getting easier and I can sit up a little more easily although not for long. I will join the gym this week!

Day 28 – 4 weeks post op! Amazing to get to this point. Doing pretty well really. I was able to get my operated leg into my trousers today without the use of my grabber or Nic. This means my hip flexion should be improving…

Stef came over and treated my lumbar spine, pelvis in order to free it up and gain more hip flexion. Bending the hip towards my chest certainly is hard to do. It is a mix of stiff and not wanting to go into that range. Driving a car certainly seems not possible at this stage as lifting the thigh to move the foot to brake and accelerator pedals would be awkward.

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