Hip Rehabilitation – Week 4-5

Day 29 – Tuesday. Claire picked me and Lily up and took her to her house again for the day. I felt a lot more stamina today than last week and was able to do a bit more with Lily  which makes me feel more of  mum again for her. It is hard when you cannot scoop her up off the floor as you may compromise your prosthesis. I just need to do this for another 2 weeks (6 weeks post op) and then start attempting picking her up. My hip felt a little niggly today around the front/outer of the hip.

I used the gym and was able to do the cross trainer for 8.5 minutes and was quite puffed. it has been a while since doing any aerobic exercise but still it felt good! Tried back ward walking and sideways walking for 4.5 minutes. My walking has so many bad patterns that backwards walking helps undo this. In fact walking backwards looks better than walking forwards!

Day 30 – Felt tired today and decided to have a quiet day. Still did my essentials – clams, bridging, core exercises. Walked 30 minutes with crutch.

Day 31 – Had a Guy’s Hospital physiotherapy appointment to see if I could get a referral for hydrotherapy to strengthen the hip. The appointment was useful as it made me think about the quality of my exercises.

Went to Dulwich pool and managed to swim for 14 lengths – combination of crawl leg kick with float and front crawl. I felt good after this as felt like a real achievement. Did my usual leg exercises in the water.

Day 32 – Saw Stef at his place. Had manual treatment to loosen hip and spine. Hip flexion – 100 degrees but still difficult. Hip rotation is coming. Still a bit tight and pinchy on hip internal rotation but due to soft tissue tightness over incision. We went to Virgin Active exercises I did were: walking backwards and sideways on the treadmill – slightly awkward and sore in the groin and over incision, cross trainer and bike really good, weights – controlled dead lifts , squats, swiss ball pelvic rotation and sideways weight transference, lateral side steps using a block, hip flexor stretch. Felt good. Walking around the gym is hard without a crutch and seeing the hip drop on the operated side is still quite obvious.

Day 33 – Saturday. I was a bit achy after treatment and gym session yesterday so thought I would rest over the weekend. Continue to do hip range exercises and clams. I am walking well without crutch around house and garden. Just joined the gym at Brockwell Lido Herne Hill today! Great feeling to get here. Can’t wait to have a session!!

Day 34 – Managed first long drive up to Derbyshire from London to visit my sister and her family. It is my nephew Ben’s 9th birthday. Nic drove. I found the still quite uncomfortable but certainly better than it has been. I felt easier having the seat more upright. My hip does flex better but my biggest problem is my coccyx which aches like mad sitting. The coccyx pain has been with me for about 20 months (since having Lily) and I think just got worse with having hip bad and walking so badly before the operation. The reason for more coccyx pain is I am still struggling to sit upright whilst the hip is flexed to 90 degrees, it feels like there is a block in the hip.

Walked for 20 minutes with my sister at 11 in the evening after England had been kicked out of the Euro 2012. Rubbish. Bec and I had a nice chat and talked about her ailments and mine and how we are improving together! Ironic really as both of our issues have been made worse due to pregnancy and child-birth. Weight gain, loosening ligaments and decreased strength does not help any already underlying pain.

Land exercises – clams x 200 – bridging x 2 20 sec holds, hip bends (flexion) and out to the side (abduction) – abdominal exercises – walking practice.

Day 35 – Five weeks post hip replacement! 

Said goodbye to my sis and her family and we drove from Derbyshire to Manchester to view a property. Managed to break up the journey and stretch on the way. My hip and coccyx was more comfortable today than yesterday’s journey, might be getting used to sitting or perhaps the fact I took 50mg Diclofenac and 2 paracetamol?? It does help if I feel niggly. Drove back to the Peak District and stayed at the Yorkshire Bridge Inn on Ladybower reservoir.

Land exercises –  abdominal exercises – bridging x 3 20 secs holds – clams x 200 – walking practice forwards, backwards, sideways for 40 minutes – leg swings forwards, backwards and sideways. I will start my formalised gym session tomorrow at Brockwell Lido, Herne Hill.

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Mother, Physiotherapist, Traveller, Cyclist & Hip Replacement

7 thoughts on “Hip Rehabilitation – Week 4-5”

  1. Hi Nicky, I read your week by week progress often, and am amazed at your progress. I am 68, with Rheumatoid Arthritis, as well as osteoarthritis. I had a new hip on January 2nd 2015, saw the surgeon at 6 weeks, (he said it was early days) and am doing well. BUT nowhere near as good as you. I have not been given the number of exercises that you do as a daily routine at all. I see the Physio on Monday 16th February, which is only the second visit, and will be interested to see whether I am given more to do. Reading your blog does give me goals to aim for! (Even if the time scale is not quite the same!)
    Kind regards. Anne Horn

    1. Hi Anne, thank you for your message! I am glad you are finding it helpful. I do not know what your goals are (I am sure you have a few!) but for me I wanted to walk without limping and be able to chase my 4 year old without hobbling (plus get rid of that awful pain!). How is your hip movement? Has the pain gone? How is your walking and how did your physio go today? Can I give you any tips on your exercises at all?
      Best wishes, Nicky

      1. Hi Nicky, thanks for your reply. My goal is to be able to walk distances again, properly without pain. I think my hip movement is good, but no one has actually checked it and said so. My trip to the nhs hospital Physio was disappointing as we thought (my husband came too) she was not really interested. She did not examine me at all. In 15 days time we are due to go on a walking holiday to Youlgrave in Derbyshire with my eldest and husband. Walks of 4 miles, due to my hip. The physio said No that it was much too soon. She also gave me no more exercises to do, neither did she increase the repetions on the ones I do. As my non operated hip drops, she told me to walk with straight legs, heel/toe, placing heel of second step in line with toe of first step.

        I felt very depressed after this visit, so next day went to see a recommended man, a type of osteopath. He though I was doing well for 6.5 weeks (with RA) and gave me 3 different exercises to do to strengthen my gluts, abductors and flexors, doing them 5 reps, once a day. These exercises I have seen on other websites. I also had some acupuncture. He physically examined me from head to toe. I felt far more positive after this visit. I go back to see him in 7 days.

        My daughter has decided to be my personal trainer! She has written me a programme of daily goals to walk to, aiming at walking 3.7 miles by the time we go on 6th March! She suggests I increase my distance by 322 yards each day, ie from .5 miles to .7 to .9 etc. walking 3 times a day. I walk with 1 walking stick. Also she wants me to walk 4 paces without aid 3 times each walk.

        My daughter has a horse which had leg problems and after a long period of box rest, this was what she had to do for the horse to recoup. Hence applying it to me!

        I will try to follow her programme, and incorporate the new exercises and see how I go.

        May I keep in touch with you?

        Kind regards Anne

  2. Hi Anne
    That all sounds all good and pretty sensible regarding the exercises your daughter has given you. It is ironic that the NHS physio could not do this for you.
    Regarding progressing your walking, I feel you do not need to rush this, it will come. It will improve with time and if the pain has gone then your walking will gradually improve steadily. I sometimes used ‘time’ as a way of monitoring and increasing distance rather than ‘distance’ itself i.e. I may increase my walking by 2 minutes a day. I found the buttock, quadricep, hamstring and abdominal strengthening exercises most beneficial. Pool exercises were great for improving hip range of motion and strengthening and aid your walking.
    Might be good to use walking poles for Derbyshire? I would do this.
    You can email me and keep in touch. I am happy to help you!
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Nicky,
      Been back a week from our wonderful walking holiday in Youlgreave! I took my two walking poles as you suggested.
      Started with a small walk along the river as a test. Then progressed through 3, 4, 5, 6.6 miles of varied terrains, to the finale of 8.5 (with a 1400 foot elevation) where we tackled wood and stone styles and horrendous rock stairs down a 250 foot drop. The thought of going down this really scared me but my son-in-law placed himself in front of me so I could fall on him! He guided me down the whole way and was fantastic. I felt a great sense of achievement as it wasn’t until later that I was told how far we had walked. We did have a lovely picnic halfway through.
      The osteomyologyst was very pleased with my progress and has signed me off.
      My GP has fixed me up with our own physio who I see on Tuesday, as the hospital physio left so they had to start interviewing for a new one!
      I had my RA knee aspirated yesterday and both knees had a steroid injection.
      As I have to now rest for two days I will do just that, then continue with my exercises and walks.
      I feel very buoyant and positive. Hopefully my knees will improve now. I have found out that our local pool has a heated learner one, so I will endeavour to use that. I am not a strong swimmer but can use floats for swimming lengths.
      Which exercises do you recommend for hamstrings and abdominals?

      Kind regards

      Anne Horn

      1. Gosh, Nicky, what a difference a week makes! I rested the two days then started my exercises. I started to get pain on the outside of my right knee, and also my right buttock, the operated leg. I stopped the exercises. When I saw the physio she said I had probably made these areas angry by walking such distances with under developed glut muscles. She said it was the IT band which was inflamed on the knee. After examining me she said my right gluts are only 75% of the left side. I have to clench my buttocks and hold for five secs. Massage the right buttock and apply a heated pad to the area, then next week she will have another look. I now have pain in my thigh. Gosh I am worried now!

        Regards. Anne

      2. Hi Anne
        Sorry for a late reply. I missed the email from you on the 20th. Sounds like you have done a lot of walking which is great!
        How are you doing now? Do you know why the pain started in the knee and buttock? It could be the walking distance. Does it look like the ITB?
        I use the swiss ball to strengthen my hamstrings and lots of pilate like core work for my abdominals. I will endeavor to find some examples and send to you. Please do update me on how you are feeling now.
        Thank you.
        Best regards

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