Hip Rehabilitation – Week 5-6

Day 36 – Drove home from the Peak District to London. Had a few stops to stretch the hip as sitting for long periods is not that comfortable.

Went to the Brockwell Lido gym to do my first session. So excited! I followed the program my physio Stef Brennan had given to me. I have two schedules to follow which I will add separately onto the blog. The exercises I am doing are functional to daily activities with a lot of weight-bearing (closed chain) exercises. Today, I followed the cross trainer for 15 minutes low resistance then exercises to strengthen the legs and core. Squats with weight over head, hamstring/leg curls on a swiss ball – this is quite hard for me so I concentrated more on bridging with my feet on the ball and holding for 20 seconds x 3, roll outs with the swiss ball for abdominals, lateral step ups on a step x 30, kettle bell squats with 4kgs in my hands. Warm down stretches.

Day 37 – Did my morning exercises to loosen the hip which is mainly hip flexion and abduction. An exercise I find useful is, stand with my back to the wall and press my lower spine into the wall. Then bend my lower back as if to slide my hands towards my toes, maintaining my abdominal bracing or core, really seems to free off my stiff lower back. I do this twice. Helps.

Marion came over to take Lily and I to playgroup. I still need help with Lily in terms of picking her up but another 2 weeks and I think I can do this myself. Right now though chasing Lily is a semi flexed position is not desirable as I load my ‘good’ leg far too much still.

Day 38 – Managed to drive the cruiser to the gym. Felt really good and at last independent! I did the second program Stef gave me. It consisted of bike for 15 minutes, then medicine ball figure of 8’s in a slight squat, wood chop exercises (rotation of the trunk) with  medicine ball, drinking bird which is weight-bearing on the operated leg. The drinking bird is very hard for me. I can only do this if holding (for dear life!) on to something and then it is not that good. I will video this exercise. I would only do this if the patient is fairly fit and stable and sensible with training and exercises. Treadmill exercises – controlled walking forwards, backwards and sideways on an incline. 1 minute each direction.

Day 39 – Tired today. Took Lily swimming with Nic. Not ready to do this on my own yet with her especially when she lies on the floor refusing to get up! Did pool exercises and managed a breast stroke leg kick with float but will not be doing breast stroke until 10 weeks post operation. Walked for 22 minutes with a crutch more for evening my walking.

Day 40 – Nic drove me to the gym for my third session. Followed my physios program for 50 minutes and felt really good. Did 15 minutes warm up on the cross trainer/static bike. The static bike is quite difficult as hip flexion feels slightly awkward. Squats with weight over head, bridging with my feet on the ball and holding for 20 seconds x 3, roll outs with the swiss ball for abdominals, lateral step ups on a step x 30, kettle bell squats with 4kgs in my hands. Warm down stretches.

Day 41 – Sunday – I am 6 weeks post surgery tomorrow which is amazing. I have been thinking how my pain has completely gone and how I can stand on my two feet without being in agony and wishing to sit down.

I had a bit of a rest day today apart from a 20 minute controlled walk concentrating on heel strike and toe off and walking backwards. I can sit better in a car and can nearly put my sock on whilst lying on my back. Hardest time is trying to bend my hip whilst lying on my back first thing in the morning. It is stiff and feels quite blocked. Hip flexion is still tricky but I it is improving slowly. I am probably about 100 degrees.

Exercises – clams x 100, hip flexion/abduction, bridges, stretches.


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