Hip Rehabilitation – Week 6-7

Day 42 – Monday. Did my morning stretches to bend the hip and loosen the spine. So stiff in the morning! Managed a controlled walk for 20 minutes, practiced walked backwards and sideways.

Pool exercises for 15 minutes and then swam 0.5 mile front crawl and crawl leg kick. I felt  really good afterwards. My hip flexion is definitely easier in the pool but cannot quite bring knee up to water level yet.

Day 46 – Saw Marcus Bankes my surgeon at Guy’s hospital. He seemed happy with my progress. He assessed my hip movement and we discussed the fact that my hip flexion was a bit stiff (or more awkward) and he told me that I may not achieve full range of hip flexion. I said this was my hardest movement to gain. Everything else being much easier i.e. hip extension, abduction and rotation etc.

Went to Gloucester for the weekend with Nic and Lily to visit Dawn and Greville on their farm. We had a lovely time and I managed to sit in the car at 6 weeks post operation feeling ok with some discomfort and I managed to drive on the M4 well although not for too long. I do have a cushion on my seat to raise decrease the amount of hip flexion. During the weekend I did not really do any pool or gym exercises except for a few floor exercises including the clam, bridging, abdominal exercises plus hip stretches. I managed to walk with out a crutch fairly comfortably. I also managed to climb into Greville’s fixed wing 4 seater aircraft with Nic and Lily and Fatima. It was great even if it was a little tight squeeze for my hip in the back seat! Also did my first 4×4 around Greville’s farm in the mud and pouring rain.

Author: nickyturnerphysio

Mother, Physiotherapist, Traveller, Cyclist & Hip Replacement

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