Hip Rehabilitation – Week 11-12

11 weeks post op. Not the best week. I certainly have felt better in the earlier weeks. I think the reason for this is weakness and continuing imbalance and not being able to find my midline. I am still not weight-bearing over my right leg very well. However it dawned on me that I am still not strong and that I need to do a lot more to get to where I would like to be which is walking the fells in the Lake District.

August 6th – Went to the gym. 15 minutes on treadmill (controlled walking forwards, backwards and sideways – thighs hurts during walking backwards when flex knee) and static bike for 15 minutes. Floor exercises – clams 100, bridge on swiss ball and hamstring curls, squats with medicine ball 4 kgs, press ups

August 7th – thigh hurting but more towards the knee. I am trying not to focus on it and doing my best to rationalize. Going up stairs is tricky again and I really need to hold onto a banister for support. However I felt the lowest today than I have felt so far due to the discomfort. I am not sure if I am over doing it or not, it is really hard to tell when you have a replacement hip. Even as a physio I find this very hard to gauge. Nic says my walking is so much better but I know myself it is not quite as good as a few weeks ago. It does feel slightly clicky on hip flexion but I cannot tell if this is my new hip, my pelvis, my coccyx or back! I know that my hip abductors are not strong and my hip rotation also the same. I went to sleep at 9pm as also very tired. A new day tomorrow so lets see how it is.

Went gym – 25 minutes on the cross trainer, stretches, clams

August 8th – swam 28 lengths of 25m pool, hip extension, abduction, leg circles for hamstrings.  Took it easy today. I did walk with Lily and the push chair which does improve my gait. This evening I just have a mild ache outer knee and lower leg, probably my back causing. Usually any pain below the knee is considered to originate from the lumbar spine.

August 9th – realized today I need to do a lot more hip strengthening exercises. My leg does feel weak going up stairs and standing on one leg is still difficult. It is much better but I realize I really need to do a lot more. I think I slacked off slightly after week 8 due to other distractions and life really. i had to start looking after Lily more myself. Back to being a mum.

I have done a few clams x 100 and bridges plus walking to and from the Olympic volleyball at Earls court from Clapham junction. Managed well but certainly tired on the way back,  we decided to get a bus. Walked without an aid but did hang onto to Nic a bit for more support. Wearing trainers still.

August 10th – felt good this morning. more balanced but became more achy towards end of the day. I walked from home around Brockwell park with Lily and did my clams and a set of floor exercises.

August 11th – Achy today, both hips, lower back and left knee! What an old croc I am!

Went to Dulwich pool. Swam 22 lengths and did water exercises for hip. Felt better. Did lunges x 40 each leg. Helped thigh pain.

August 12th – Got on my turbo trainer today for the first time and managed 20 minutes well. Lunges, press ups, core exercises.

I need to do more strength work for the thigh (quadriceps), buttocks (gluteals) and back of the thigh (hamstrings) in order to reduce the aches and pains I have been feeling over the last few weeks.

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Mother, Physiotherapist, Traveller, Cyclist & Hip Replacement

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