Hip Rehabilitation – Week 10-11

July 30th – 10 weeks post operation!

What I can do – I can do a lot now. Driving is comfortable, put my sock and shoe on in lying on the bed, squat down, walk without a crutch, get into and out of the bath.

What is still difficult – Still painful slightly mid thigh going up stairs, flexion of the hip stills feels awkward although the range is coming. In the morning my lower lumbar spine and sacroiliac joint (SIJ) on the right is really stiff and my hip movement is only 90 degrees (eases as the day progresses). Still difficult picking my daughter off the floor and worse when she is playing up kicking and screaming and worse still if she chucks her food everywhere (usually at my head) and I have to get on the floor and clean up, I really don’t like doing this.

Went to the gym and did bike for 18 minutes, walking 12 mins. Lots of stretching lower back and hip. Clam exercises x 120, plank x 1 20 secs, core abs, squats 12 x 3, lateral squats 12 x 3.

July 31st – Went to work for the first time! Had 3 patients. Was enough. Managed to walk to and from the train station and felt normal! What was interesting was, pre op I would catch the C10 bus from Elephant and Castle to the north side of Lambeth Bridge in order to get as close to Millbank Medical Centre to see my patients as possible. I did this to avoid my hip pain. Today I thought about walking from Elephant and Castle to Millbank (but actually didn’t have enough time) but instead, for the first time, was able to walk from the south side of Lambeth bridge without limping badly and suffering with pain. It was quite a moment. The simple tasks that I couldn’t do, I now could! Even before my operation I would even avoid the kerbs on the pavement to prevent pain. Mad eh?

August 1st – Felt really tired today. Probably a mix of working the previous day and doing a lot of walking, getting up in the night for Lily and having a bit of wine…. probably the wine?? Anyway we went to the Olympic park to watch the hockey. My thigh was achy slightly mid shaft so I thought I would take my crutch use in case. Glad I did as we had to walk for a 40 minutes to get to the stadium! I am sure the mid thigh ache will ease but it is sometimes a little disconcerting to have these niggles.

Exercise – walked 2 hours. Got on my road bike and cycled 30 minutes easy. I went to the Herne Hill velodrome where they had the 1948 Olympics. Good to be on the bike. Hip range exercises. No clams or bridges : (

Bradley Wiggins won the gold in the Olympic time trial!! Woohoo!

August 2nd – generally feel a little more sore in the leg and hip. Khilen the lead physio at fit8physiorooms videoed my walking in the gym. It was interesting as I still collapse in the lumbar spine over the right hip and my leg was rotating inwards. Perhaps this is why I hurt more. Looking at this video I feel there is a need to go back on the crutch for a while longer just to steady up the walking and level me off. Also there is a need to ‘up’ the hip strengthening exercises – abduction (clams) and extension (bridging).

Just did 20 minutes on the cross trainer.

August 3rd – did my exercises at Dulwich pool and felt really good afterwards. The discomfort before this session in my thigh has eased. Always feel relaxed after exercising in water. Clams x 100

August 4th – Nic’s dad and sister are flying over from South Africa for Nic’s 40th. Still have a slight discomfort in the thigh which makes weight bearing on the leg harder.

Went to the gym and did cross trainer f0r 30 minutes, stretches for back and hip, clams x 100, bridge on swiss ball x 3 20 secs holds, reverse wood chop really trying to weight more over the right foot which is slightly difficult, core exercises for abs, squats without weights, lateral squats. Got in the hydrotherapy pool at the gym which was soothing

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Mother, Physiotherapist, Traveller, Cyclist & Hip Replacement

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