Hip Rehabilitation – Week 7-8

10th July – Hydrotherapy at Guy’s hospital. Good workout as quite controlled. Spent 2 minutes on each exercise – hip flexion, heel raises, squats one leg, hip extension, hip abduction, knee flexion, balancing, lunges and step ups. Felt relaxed afterwards. The water really is key to hip rehabilitation.

13th July – Pool exercises as per Guy’s hospital routine. Swam a few lengths concentrating on leg kick.

14th July – drove to Southwark park and walked with Lily in the rain without a crutch. Felt good. No aches. Went to the gym later for a 20 mins cardio vascular session on the cross trainer and leg strengthening exercises as per Stef’s program.

15th July Sunday – felt good today in terms of my hip. Felt equal on my legs. Still have a slight weakness on right leg and this is more noticeable when standing on that leg. I can walk independently (no crutches) with a mild limp that does not really require an aid. Even so my walking is so much better than pre op it is quite remarkable.

Good week with hip. Progressing well.

Author: nickyturnerphysio

Mother, Physiotherapist, Traveller, Cyclist & Hip Replacement

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