Hip Rehabilitation – Week 8-9

Sunday – felt good today in terms of my hip. Felt equal on my legs. Still have a slight weakness on right leg and this is more noticeable when standing on that leg. I can walk independently (no crutches) without limping or with a mild limp that does not require an aid. Even so my walking is so much better than pre op it is quite remarkable.

16th July – Felt ill today. First day with no exercises!

17th July – gym weights – kettle bell squats 4kg 12 x 3, hip flexion using ball 10 x 3, dead lift with 10 kg 12 x 3, clams x 150, bridge with feet on ball x 3 20 secs hold, plank x 3 30 secs, press ups x 12 x3, abdominal bracing x 10 sec x 3. My core abs feel really weak and difficult to recruit, need to work harder on this.

18th July – pool exercises. Working more on hip extension, abduction and hamstring cycles in the water. Swam 10 lengths.

21st, 22nd July – Did not do much exercise apart from the odd clam and bum exercises plus trying to encourage more hip flexion. I did do more crouching down and cleaning floors plus a bit of gardening. Also did more stairs as we were refurbishing our house which has too many stairs! This did ache my thigh more especially going up stairs.

Not such a great end to the week probably because I have taken my eye off the ball and not quite as good with my exercises.

Author: nickyturnerphysio

Mother, Physiotherapist, Traveller, Cyclist & Hip Replacement

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