Hip Rehabilitation – Week 9-10

24th July – I had my first bath with my daughter since the operation! It felt good to be sharing this with her and another hurdle I have overcome. Perhaps I could have got into the bath sooner but I only felt ready to do this now.

25th July – I managed for the first time to cycle on my road bike from home to Brockwell Park. It took me 20 minutes and I felt comfortable in the hip. My biggest worry was falling off but knew that was more irrational than anything else. It was lovely being back on the bike. I did not use my cleats, just trainers so i could walk with my bike if necessary. I also had a good gym session. 10 minutes warm upon the cross trainer and strengthen work for the hamstring and gluteals.

26th July – Khilen at fit8physiorooms mobilized my right facet joints and QL (quadrates lumborum a muscle that attaches from the pelvis to the lower ribs). He said my midline was towards the left and my pelvis on the right elevated but corrected once weight bearing evenly. When he corrected my posture it felt really wrong. Still a long way to go!

27th July – Olympics began today!

My leg does ache below my knee, around my shin. It feels like it is my back causing this

Swim session – pool exercises – heel raises, balance, squats right leg, hip flexion, abdustion, extension, cycling legs in the water – all exercises last 2 mins. Leg kick with float 8 lengths.

28th July – gym session – x trainer 20 mins, treadmill backwards walking 5 minutes on 5-8% incline, sideways walking 2 mins each way, hamstring curls with swiss ball, roll outs with ball for abs, press ups, kettle bell squats, leg press 15 kgs – 12-15 x 3 sets.

Nic massaged my leg which felt better. My back feels stiff this evening and  i am still not properly weight bearing on the right leg. My natural midline is definitely towards my left.

29th July – no real exercise routine today apart from stretching my lower back and flexing my hip. It is still really stiff in the morning and I can only manage 90 degrees. It does loosen but takes some time. My back generally feels out of balance and sitting on the right hip/buttock is foreign to say the least. You would have thought at 10 weeks post operation this would be better. Perhaps being a physio with a new hip I can see that there is still a long way to go in terms of weight bearing properly over my new hip and normalizing my gait. I was after all moving so badly pre operation it is to be expected I suppose.

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Mother, Physiotherapist, Traveller, Cyclist & Hip Replacement

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