Hip Rehabilitation – 3 months

13- 19th August – pretty good week..

Had a good week with exercise. It really helps to do something every day and you certainly feel it if you don’t.

13th – Pool exercises and 10 lengths

14th Aug – Hydrotherapy at guys hospital to help improve hip range and power

15th – 30 min turbo trainer with 30 sec intervals x 4. Floor exercises lunges, bridges, ab work

16th Aug – Met my brother Rob who is a personal trainer at Starsgym http://www.starsgym.co.uk in Battersea. Session consisted of a sustained 30 minutes on the watt bike. The Watt bike was great for seeing how much pressure you put through the pedal comparing left and right. Also it improved your pedal stroke so you concentrated on the pulling up motion which in effect is using the hamstring muscles. It was a tough session and I did sweat! I also did 3 sets of lunges, squats with swiss ball, ab work in kneeling and bridging on ball.

17th – Brockwell lido pool swim – sunny swim in the outdoor pool. I cycled to and from the lido and I managed a 1000m swim with a few stops. Temperature was 20.6 degrees c. Quite chilly but after my friend Garith Brown said I was a wimp at not ever getting into lido (as it is too cold) I thought bugger this I’II show him! I felt my cardiovascular fitness was pretty good.  Hip is feeling comfortable and less achy. Worse time is after sitting for a while and then standing and walking. I feel quite stiff around the groin and my limping is more pronounced.

19th – Turbo trainer – 30 mins, 5 x 1 min intervals – sweating. It is boiling outside and as I leave it until after Lily is in bed I get attacked by mosses! Did my floor exercises also which consisted of the usual bum, tum and stretches

Author: nickyturnerphysio

Mother, Physiotherapist, Traveller, Cyclist & Hip Replacement

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