Hip Rehabilitation – 8 months

I am now just over 8 months post hip replacement and I would say now that although I am a lot better, I am not in my opinion right yet.

I am probably 75% better. The other 25% would consist of continuing to strengthen the leg, balancing on the leg, running after my 2 year old and being able to walk up and down stairs comfortably. I still am not able to hill walk (properly yet) or ski as I am not confident enough on the leg as it just continues to feel weaker. I definitely have strength issues my operated leg and I really do not know why. Perhaps as my friend said things take longer especially when you are a younger and a higher performance person and have higher expectations. This could be true but I am still unsure why I find it hard to do a mini dip/squat on the operated leg 8 months post op.

One of the thoughts I have for this are my hip abductors. They are still incredibly weak and slow to fully engage. If this muscle group is not functioning correctly then you will not be able to stand on the operated leg and squat properly. Also running will be a problem. However I feel I am doing a lot of exercises to strengthen this muscle group but still I am struggling. Admittedly I am not doing these exercises daily and it is possible if I do I may be able to make the muscle ‘remember’ again and have some carry over. It is frustrating for me as I expected that at 8 months I would be pretty good and near 100% back to normal.

At my request, Nic has begun to massage the scar. Being a doctor himself and doing a lot of orthopedics in South Africa, he could see I had a lot of scar tissue and tethering over the greater trochanter (outer hip bone) and that it needed a lot massage to break the scar down. This is most likely what is the clicking sound I feel when I shake the leg, flex or abduct it.

Also pre-op my limp was pretty bad and my hip abductors completely inhibited i.e. not working at all so I clinically reason that it will take a while for the strengthen to return to as near as normal as possible.

I will focus on regular scar tissue massage, lots of hip abductor, buttock and abdominal work for the next 2-4 months and reassess.

Author: nickyturnerphysio

Mother, Physiotherapist, Traveller, Cyclist & Hip Replacement

4 thoughts on “Hip Rehabilitation – 8 months”

  1. Nicky,

    Thanks for sharing girl! Sorry it is such a long road to recovery but I also know that it’s got to be better than before your surgery, right? Lol, not sure if I made that a question or an answer. I finally have found a dr. For my hip surgery and have to decide on the exact date of surgery. This terrifies me like no other! Don’t know why I’m so scared. But I am.
    Can I ask you, did your dr. Tell you you are going to be able to run again? How long is your scar, and do think that the pain you have now and the frustration is better than before the surgery? Lol, I’m sorry to ask so many things. Just scared to death! Hope things get better for you soon, and that your muscles get stronger so you can do the things you love.

    Best Wish’s

    Kate Bell

  2. Nicky girl,

    Sorry I wrote on your blog before I even saw that you wrote me back. So here is your second message for tonight😉 thank you so much for responding back to me. No worries that it was awhile, life does get busy. It sounds like yours is a very one at that. So in my last message I just wrote I asked a few questions but you answered some of them in your message I just read so thank you so much for your response. Are you moving to Africa? Or business trip? Hopefully it is a holiday or something fun! You totally deserve some fun right! I was able to visit London in May and very much loved your beautiful country! My mom and step dad live there for the moment. You live in beautiful territory. Thank you Nicky for just letting me share my worries and my concerns with you. It feels nice just to be able to share with someone that knows my worries. Also that you have the same interests as me and the fact we are both young. I am pretty sure my surgery will be on March 26, I am kinda waiting on my mom. Lol, I’m a momma’s girl and want her here with me. Plus she is a better care taker than my husband. Lol! Moms are just more nurturing.
    That is fun that your dad is with you on your adventure to Africa. Love my parents! I am very close to my family. My dad passed away of cancer a few years back but I do have a great step dad. I’m sure your hip is screaming at you with the road trip. I can only imagine! Thank you again for being a friend to share with. Hope you the very best in your adventures to Africa. Safe travels to you and your family. And get that hip better fast, if only it were that easy hu! Wishing you the best with your hip.

    With love,
    Kate 😉

  3. Hi Nicky! It is good to follow your journey and I am sure enlightening for others! JUst a thought I had. Maybe you are doing too many of the same exercises? I feel it is helpful to change the exercises you do every so often so as to challenge the body? Or maybe work them in different ranges, so same muscle group but in a different way that way challenges the body and force the muscle to wake up?! Another thing I would suggest in adductor and abductor muscle massage? Maybe your adductors have tightened up that is causing an imbalance too? Just some thoughts!

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