Hip Rehabilitation – 15 weeks

I am now 3 months and 3 weeks post new hip. All seems to be doing pretty well apart from what I thought was a set back a few weeks ago (around 11 weeks post op) when my mid thigh started aching and I had difficulty going up and down the stairs without holding on to something. I then released that I was still very weak especially in my quadriceps. It was my friend and physiotherapist colleague Jose Marcelino who said perhaps you are not strong enough. Strangely I hadn’t thought of that. I think you get so caught up in your post op recovery and noting every sensation or discomfort with the new prothesis you forget somehow that perhaps you are just not strong enough and you need to step up the exercises. I was doing squats but thought I would try lunges aswell. Now I have increased the number of thigh strengthening exercises (lunges) I do not feel my thigh pain and walking up stairs feels stronger.

Life for me really started to improve at around 3 months post surgery but even more so at 3.5 months. The recovery was quite amazing. Since getting back on my bike again to cycle to work (16th August was the first time – 3 months) I have felt stronger and certainly more able. I have done this commute now 3 times and tomorrow I am thinking of cycling to Kingston which will take around 1 hour, as long as it is not raining…. I only got back on my bike when I felt confident enough and able.

My relationship now with Lily is quite normal now and I can lift her and hold her where by for the first 6-8 weeks I was not really able. You worry as a mother that if you cannot do the basic things with your baby it may affect them. There was a period after surgery where she did go to daddy a lot more. Now she holds her arms out to me more and I am able to hold her for longer. I was in Battersea Park today with our friends Ginty and Stuart who adore Lily. I was able to hold and carry her for much longer with out pain in my hip! Amazing. This was something I could not do before my operation and if I did it was literally for a few steps and then I would have to hand her over to Nic due to the biting pain in my groin and outer hip.

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2 thoughts on “Hip Rehabilitation – 15 weeks”

  1. Nicky,

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey. You inspired me and I could relate to you in so many ways.
    I wanted to let you know I had my hip replacement April 8, 4 months today. I have done exceptionally well and have been back to pretty much normal activity. I cannot go back to my running and that is a hard one for me to face. It is the conditions that my bones are in that the docotor cautioned me of the facts of what running would do to my bones. But, I was back to the gym 4 weeks out and doing spin, body attack, and couldn’t believe how fast I recovered. Thank you so much for helping me with the questions, with it all. You are amazing girl!!!! I hope all is going well for you and your recovery.

    With much appreciation,

    Kate Bell

    1. Hi Kate
      I am so pleased all is working out for you and you have had an amazing recovery!! It is much better on this side of the operation isn’t it? Before is so much harder as you just have your head to deal with and the worry of ‘what if’ it doesn’t work and I cannot do sport again. I think fair enough about running as it is high impact. I have given up that on be too but I hope to ski for the first time this season. We are still in Johannnesburg South Africa and after our 5 months on the road I am now mountain biking and to the gym 4/5 times a week. I love the Wattbike as it is really intense and I feel it helps strengthen my leg a lot more. Do keep in touch! I would really like to know how you get back to your sports.
      Take care!!
      Nicky xx

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