About Nicky Turner

Mother, Physiotherapist and a New Hip

I am a 45 year old physiotherapist and mother of a 5 year old daughter Lily and wife to Nicholaas. I have been a musculoskeletal physiotherapist since 1994. Ironically I had a total hip replacement on the 21st May 2012 due to a sporting injury I sustained 16 years earlier. That injury left me with pain and loss of hip range that finally got so bad I had to have an operation to fix it. My surgeon was Marcus Bankes at Guy’s Hospital, London, UK. He did a very good job. I would like to share my journey with anyone who has had a similar problem, and I know there are thousands out there. But as I am a physiotherapist I feel I am in a good position to help and share my thoughts and my journey with you on hip arthritis, chronic pain, physiotherapy, pre operation strengthening and rehabilitation and getting back to the sports or activities you love and have missed for a long time. Please if you have a hip that is causing you pain and loss of normal activities such as walking and getting your shoes and socks on then please get in touch, I would love to help. Nicky Turner Physio

9 thoughts on “About Nicky Turner”

  1. hi Nicky, I just saw your post and wondered if i could ask a few questions about the hip replacement surgery and related issues.

  2. thanks so much for this. I happened to see Mr Bankes last week and we were talking about the hip replacement surgery. I just wanted a rough idea of the recovery process and how long it took you to get back on your feet. im scared about having a pemanent limp after the surgery as well.

  3. Hi Susan
    I hope you are ok. Do you have a limp now? How bad is it?
    Could you write a bit more info about your history, how you are now, your ages, fitness, weight as all these things influence recovery.
    My limp was very bad pre op and it took a few months to walk without a noticeable limp. My leg strength was very poor and I had a lot of wasting of the gluteals (medius and minimus – hip abductors).

  4. My history is that I have avascular necrosis as a result of a blood condition. I have a little limp which I only just noticed. im not very fit which im going to have to work on. Weight is 82kg and height 160cm. I am 42 but Mr Bankes didn’t think I was in that severe pain to have surgery although he did say it would eventually get worse and it was my call whether to have it now or later.. The pain is gradually increasing and I avoid going any where I don’t have to. I’m getting sedentary probably due to the pain on my hip when walking.

  5. Hi Susan
    I am sorry to hear about your hip and your avacular necrosis.
    All I can say is pain is the main indicator for surgery and ‘they’ say it needs to be pretty bad first before you operate and I understand where Mr Bankes is coming from when he says this. In my case he said I had no choice but to have surgery and for me that was not the news I wanted to hear however having the surgery was the best thing I could have done!
    If I were you and it is ‘your call’ I would have a real go at getting yourself into as good a shape as possible before an operation (or any operation!) to see if it reduces your pain on walking and increase your fitness and strength then make a decision. Even if you have the operation in one years time at least you are in a better shape which would certainly aid your recovery.
    With regard to limping after your operation this would only really happen if the operation failed and if there was a leg length difference. You can work on a number of exercises to improve your limp by strengthening the hip abductors, buttocks and abdominals. I found all of these exercises (especially hip abductors) very helpful to improve my limp.
    I know evidence also shows that weight loss can really help reduce pain and improve mobility and it may be a good idea to speak to someone about this i.e. a nutritionist. All the personal trainers I know tell me that 75% of weight loss is down to diet.
    You can give me a call if it helps? Really happy to help.
    Best regards

    1. Sorry I cant remember if I replied to your last comment or not. I hope to go back to exercising, if the hip pain permits. That way id kill two stones with one bird. A personal trainer would come in handy for this. Would be glad to talk to you as well if that’s okay? Susan.

  6. hi Nicky, i don’t think i have a hip problem but i have issues all down my left side. the worst started in my middle back (underneath the shoulder) left side. i have jaw, shoulder (not so bad), but now also pain down the outside of the left leg like a twinge. have had most areas looked at apart from my hip but wonder if i am over-mobile one way and there is tension the other way (sorry that doesn’t make a huge amount of sense)

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